Sheila Vaughn-Schleipfer
Idea Ninja

Sheila Vaughn has been in marketing and advertising for over 28 years. Having launched thousands of assignments in her career, she is very hands-on with her projects and possesses a strong grasp of the essential tools within various marketing platforms.


She also adds a touch of her own personal flair to every custom project she manages and pays great attention to every detail whether it relates to sponsorship acquisition, written content, or design aesthetics. Much like all of our other team members, Sheila is always happy to lend her experience to the team and prides herself in having a great relationship with both her clients and our in-house design and web development staff.


An avid pet lover, Sheila will make a pet out of any animal that loves her back. She currently owns a giraffe, a lion, and 3 monkeys.... not really!  Just a cute little Cairn Terrier named Buster Brown!


Meet The Team


Every great team needs individuals that are dedicated, strong in their discipline and enjoy what they do. Our team is no exception. Led by Sheila Vaughn-Schleipfer, the MAS Creative Marketing team is among the most proficient, hardworking people you will ever meet!

"Sarge" has been in the marketing and advertising business for over 25 years!  A master of logistics and planning, every event is like a well-oiled machine with each part assisting the other to the finish line!  

Connections are what Mark is all about.  If you know him, you know that he knows who to call for any task our clients need.  His ideas are magical and take the marketing for your company to the 'Extreme' level.  

Back before "Placed-Based Marketing" was even a concept, 'Sarge' was doing it.  From Indy and NASCAR races to the Baja 1000 and everything in between, reaching out to consumers with effective 'turn-key' campaigns is what this guy does best!  

This couple knows how to win.  And they take each and every client down the road to victory with them!  




Mark "Sarge" Schleipfer
Logistics Master
Marlen Adams
Creative Cyborg from 2076

Marlen is an artist, plain and simple. He lives, eats, drinks, sleeps, and plays marketing & branding. He has been creating brand experiences for over 16 years with his company DP Graphics Studio. Graphic design, photography, web design, and social media are amongst the many creative facets of his ability.

Great brands capture people’s imagination and that's what he strives to do with every project. Emotion and intuition, judgment-based understanding, and experience are what he brings when building a campaign - and he LOVES what he does!​


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